Sunday, September 30, 2007

According to Chiapas Indymedia both the local state government and the federal Mexican government have begun to intensify their campaign against Zapatista communities:
"At this time, the state government of Chiapas and the federal government (of the PRD-PRI and the PAN respectively0 are waging a campaign against the Zapatista communities. "Official" evictions, paramilitary attacks, invasions sponsored by officials, persecutions and threats, have become once again part of the surroundings of the indigenous communities, the Zapatistas, who have set upon constructing their own destiny and improving their living conditions, always without losing their indigenous identity.
Just like in the worst times of the PRI, of Absalon Castellanos and "Croquetas" Albores Guillen, the PRD government of Chiapas is attacking the poor and needy, while catering to and benefiting the powerful. Just like any right wing government, that of Juan Sabinas in Chiapas continues the repression and dispossession, but now under a left-wing flag and with the double sponsorship of the two "presidencies" of our country, that of Felipe Calderon (of the PAN) and that of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (of the PRD, and, above all, of himself). "
The repression that they are now facing has led the Zapatistas to cancel the second phase of their planned 'Other Campaign' journey. They still plan to send a delegation to Encounter of the Indigenous Peoples of America from October 11th to 14th.
See HERE to read more about this decision and the reasons behind it.


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