Sunday, September 23, 2007

Party on Friday, September 28, from 5pm on---Where ? The AEELI's new courtyard at 2033 St-Laurent Blvd:
Around 1972 in Montreal a gay bookstore, Androgyne, located in the western part of downtown welcomed anarchists and stocked anarchist books. Towards the end of the 70s some anarchists started the Alternative Bookstore in a small building on St. Laurent. In 1982 this building was purchased by anarchists who formed an association (the AEELI: Association des especes libres et imaginaires) to ensure a space for the bookstore as well as the maintenance and management of the building. During its 25 year existence, the AEELI has had difficult periods which have had repercussions in Montreal's anarchist milieu. In 2004, Alternative had to close, but a few months later, in November 2004, the Association created the new anarchist bookstore, L'Insoumise ("The Insubordinate"). This is a good development for the anarchist organization of our project (the AEELI and Insoumise) which is based on a confederal association of groups and individuals os several anarchist tendencies.
The AEELI was also restructured to avoid it from going astray, and to better reflect our anarchist views and practices. The building also houses a library-the DIRA- as well as another association of supportive comrades- the L'Ocal. Together anarchists manage this resource that belongs to us.
On Friday, September 28, we invite our supporters and all anarchists to come celebrate the 25th anniversary of the building's ownership by the anarchist milieu. in the courtyard out back, from 5 pm on there will be a BBQ (vegetarian food available), refreshments, music and comradeship.
Cheers for the 25th anniversary of the AEELI ! and long live the anarchist AEELI !

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