Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Beginnings: A Journal of Independent Labor is a collaborative effort on the part of several US workers, activists, students and community members. They say that, "we seek to promote discussion of both labor history and current labor struggles, animated by a tradition of direct democracy, anti-racism and workers' self-management. New Beginnings hopes to act as a forum where perspectives and strategies for an independent labor movement can be debated and in turn be used to inform the practice of ongoing and new organizing efforts in workplaces, schools and neighbourhoods across the country."
The journal appears to be an online journal. To view the first edition go to . The articles in the first edition include:
*Hurricane Katrina and the Crisis of Black Politics
*Si Se Pueda: Recent Immigrant Struggles
*From the Wobblies to Change to Win
*The New York Transit Strike
*Selma James and the Wages for Housework Campaign
*A Disgrace Before God: Striking Black Sanitation Workers vs Black Officialdom in 1977 Atlanta
*Not Only the Front or Back But the Whole Bus Will be Ours:Reflections on Organizing Around Atlanta Public Transit
*Reflections on the Graduate Teaching Assistant Strike at New York University
*The Bottom Line Isn't the Whole Thing:Detroit, Anti_racism and Labor History
*The New York Firefighters and 9/11
*Militant as Hell on the Waterfront:The Political Thought of Stan Weir
*Watering the Seeds of Resistance
*Culture and the American Labor Movement

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