Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) i9s holding a number of public meetings leading up to a demonstration on September 26th to demand that the provincial government of Ontario raise the rates of both welfare and disability. This is especially important as it will occur in the middle of a provincial election campaign. A good tgime to gather promises if nothing else. OCAP will be holding a preliminary information meeting on Wednesday, September 19th at the Central Neighbourhood House, 349 Ontario Street at 6:30 pm to present the reasons behind this day of action. To learn more go to the OCAP site at . The physical address of OCAP is 10 Britain St, Toronto, ON M5A 1R6. The phone # is 416-925-6939.


Alan Jakšić said...

Hey Pat!

You never informed me that you added my site to your list of blogs, let alone read a blog post or two!

Still, I'm not complaining. Just pay a visit to my blog now and then!

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mollymew said...

Alan refers to the Balkan Anarchist blog that I recently added to the links under the 'Blogs' section. I haven't made it a practice to write the blogs that I have added to the list. The links section of this blog is quite extensive, and I am always in the process of either revising or expanding it. There's a stack of paper to my left that contains the names of the various links that I have added over the past few months that someday I hope to ponderously announce in a post devoted to such things. It will be a long one.
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