Saturday, September 08, 2007

As reported earlier on Molly's Blog (see August 28th, 'The World's First Virtual Strike') workers employed by IBM in Italy are planning to go ahead with their "virtual strike" against the IBM presense on the virtual world 'Second Life'. These workers are hoping that supporters from around the world will join them on their virtual picket line at IBM's presense on Second Life. There's a guide available for those who would like to sign up, including instructions for those unfamiliar with the whole concept of Second Life. See .
The strike appears to be going ahaed as IBM hasn't backed down from its position of "non-virtual" wage cuts. For more information on this strike see the above link or articles such as Martin Bank's 'IBM Faces Second Life Strike' in The Register and 'Avatars of the World Unite' by Derek Blackadder in Straight Goods.

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