Friday, September 14, 2007

The CALVO company, the fourth largest fish canning company in the world, with facilities in Spain, Italy, Brazil and El Salvador, has consistently fought unionization by its employees. Its actions in El Salvador are particularly reprehensible as the company set up business there in 2002 courtesy of funding from the Spanish public/private agency for overseas financing COFIDES, and went on to lobby the El Salvadorean government in 2006 to ratify the ILO conventions on the rights of workers to bargain collectively and form unions- a legal condition for duty-free access to the EU. Since then, however, CALVO has bitterly fought unionization amongst its employees in El Salvador. Union activists have been fired. The company has refused to recognize the workers' union SGTIPAC, affiliated with the national union confederation CSTS, and has formed a company union in competition with the real union, and supervisors are listed as the "union leaders" in this outfit. Workers have been required to take polygraph tests in which they are asked their opinions about company "loyalty" and attitudes to unionization. Legal action has been taken against the real union leaders. The workers at this plant have called for international solidarity to pressure the governments of El Salvador and Spain as well as the CALVO company to deal fairly with their employees. To READ MORE and join this campaign go to the link HERE.

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