Monday, September 10, 2007

*My Boss has learned to be cautious.Failure taught him that.
*My Boss isn't a total failure. His Boss helped too.
*If we ever need to simulate a problem we invite My Boss to the meeting.
*Normally we don't accept sloppy work, but we make an exception for My Boss.
*My Boss decided to put his memoirs in a book. It's called 'My Defecations'.
*If My Boss was an energy plant he's be a power failure.
*My Boss is in court for sexual harassment. He said it was just a 'pat on the back'.
*My Boss returned from his evaluation looking very sad. He said, "I can't figure out why my boss hates me. I haven't done anything."
*My Boss' business philosophy is "You can fool enough of the people some of the time".
*My Boss doesn't mind work. It's thinking that scares him.

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