Monday, September 10, 2007

Always welcome. Never boring. The Match, North America's longest running anarchist periodical, has wound its way to Molly's mailbox once more. Opinionated and mercifully free of dogma and rhetoric The Match is always a delight to read, and one of the few publications that inspires cover to cover reading. Issue number 105 for Summer of 2007 is now out despite editor Fred Woodworth's always present struggles, both financial and health-wise.
This issue contains more of Fred's explorations of what exactly anarchism means, ethical anarchism that is. Attacking both the shibboleths of statism and those of the cult anarchists Woodworth stands out as the preeminent individualist anarchist today. Commentary, fiction, news; it's all there in The Match. There is no set price for a subscription, and the editor requests that you send cash(US currency)-not cheques or money orders. Woodworth doesn't use banks. Give whatever you think is fair for a 72 page hand crafted production with fine old fashioned press production rather than computer generated mishmash. The address of The Match is:
The Match
Box 3012
Tucson, Arizona

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