Wednesday, September 19, 2007



Molly had a surreal experience today, and it wasn't because she had been overindulging in the catnip once more. People began to drop by this blog under the assumption that Molly was a "policy development adviser" for an unnamed "left of centre party", presumably the NDP. I managed to track down two of the references, and they have been corrected. It's doubtful that this was done with any ill intent, but I made the following plain:

I was once a member of the NDP, even writing for one of their papers, The Commonwealth, but I left the party in 1971. I never have been, am not, and will never be a "policy developer" to any political party. Some may see the sort of things reported here as often "overlapping" with the concerns of left wing social democrats. This is true, but it is also true that they often overlap with concerns shared by the likes of Libertarian Party supporters. It is also true that the sort of anarchism that I advocate is both gradualist and peaceable, and that I am very happy when social democrats steal the ideas of the libertarian left without acknowledging their source. If they did give credit where credit was due it would be less likely that they could corrupt these ideas as much as they usually do. I am less happy when Marxist-Leninist thugs steal these ideas and present them as their own. Over a century of history has shown that social democracy is not the way to anything resembling a real socialism. On the other hand it has also shown that Marxist-Leninism in power creates tyranny and class rule that is far worse the the ruling class they replace. Presently it is unlikely that Communist Party thugs in the classical Stalinist sense will ever come to power again anywhere on Earth. Good and great. The social democrats corrupt the libertarian ideas of socialism. The Communists turn them into their precise opposite.

I am not, and will unlikely ever be, a supporter of any political party, no matter how radical, let alone a "policy developer". As a realist I recognize that legal changes may make the road to a libertarian socialism either easier or more difficult. But the necessary pressure to make beneficial changes can only be created by a movement independent of partisan politics. Slavishly join a party to try and "influence" it and you become nothing more than a "core supporter" that the conniving leadership of the Party has to make no concessions towards- nor steal any ideas from for that matter. Here in Canada the NDP and the CCF before it has often been justified,even though it has never had any realistic shot at federal power, because it acted to force the Liberal Party to steal its ideas. A vibrant, sensible and organized libertarian left could perhaps serve the same function as a pressure on both left and right. Food for thought.
Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad gig to be a "policy developer". Molly is always open to spread her incredible erudition, wit and wisdom to all comers, whether the advise is solicited or not. Perhaps it is about time to open my own little consulting business. I intend to charge on a "means test" basis. I remember the case of one NDP MLA who conned the Party to buy him a house under the guise of it being a "constituency office". Given the inflation in property values since that time and being as I don't want my assets tied up in real estate at a time when the property bubble may burst I am more than happy to go for a cash settlement of $250,000. That'll keep me in cat food for life. Should the Conservative or Liberal Parties, however, wish to retain my invaluable services the going price would be the total corporate donations (both visible and hidden) that such a Party receives in a year. If the American Republicans or Democrats want me to save their hides the price would be two or three countries controlled by the American Empire, with all the revenues accruing therefrom for life. Hey...the bigger the job the higher the bill.
My sensible anarchist comrades get the advise for free, whether they want it or not. The idiots who disgrace the name anarchist, whether by mindless violence,fantasy weaving about "abolishing civilization", arrogant goofiness and fashion following or any other silly distraction from the real ideas of anarchism, also get advise for free, but the advise is a simple "fuck off".
So step right up folks. The line up is long, but the wait is well worthwhile. Molly will solve all your problems. Rates are negotiable. Advise on winning lottery numbers is taken on a percentage basis depending on the size of the jackpot.
Winston Churchill once said, "A lie can run around the world before the truth can get his pants on". Molly thinks that she has caught up with this rumour with nothing worse than her underwear showing. We'll see...


Anonymous said...

hey there molly, this is not a comment about the above blog post. just a heads up about some upcoming events at the rudolf rocker cultural centre in winnipeg (see ). next friday (sept. 28th) is palestinian speaker ali abunimah. coming up in mid-november is a book launch of a biography of honore jaxon, known for his involvement with louis riel, and later the haymarket anarchist scene, voltairine de cleyre, and so on. anyway, keep on rockin'!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Rudolph Rocker Cultural Centre?

mollymew said...

The Rudolf Rocker Cultural Centre is part of the 'Old Market Autonomous Zone' here in Winnipeg at 91 Albert St. This building is sort of the "A-headquarters" here in this town.
I'll put up the announcements on the main blog page-even though more people probably read the comments than the blogs. I've actually been thinking about doing a blog on the A-Zone for some time, and hopefully this will spur me to get around to it in the near future.
The A-Zone is a three story (four if you include the basement) building in downtown Winnipeg that houses a number of anarchist and sympathetic projects. The Rudolf Rocker Centre occupies the third floor.
It's actually quite a remarkable place. Taken together the square footage shared by these projects is FAR larger than that of any anarchist institution in Canada. It may, in fact, be the largest such space in North America. To give people a comparison, in 2002 Molly visited the main CNT headquarters in Barcelona (there are several other CNT places in that city). The A-Zone is comparable in size with its four stories to the two stories of the CNT place, which also housed the office of Solidaridad Obrero at the time. Mondragon Books on the main floor of the A-Zone is a much more pleasant and larger place than the CNT bookstore on its main floor. This is despite the fact that Molly is no fan whatsoever of vegan food.
Now, it has to be admitted that the main CNT place in Barcelona is only one of many such ateneos maintained by the CNT in that city. It also has to be admitted that the CNT places are dwarfed by the offices of the CGT, the third largest union federation in Spain.
STILL, for a country like Canada to have an anarchist space that is even remotely comparable to those of Spain speaks well of what has been done here in Winnipeg.
Anyways, more of this later on a post on the main blog. Check out the Old Market Autonomous Zone website for info on some of the other projects housed there: