Monday, September 17, 2007

As previously reported on Molly's blag last Saturday (See Russian Comrades Freed- Saturday, September 15) Andrei Kalyonov and Denis Zelenin, two Russian anarchists unjustly accused of having carried out a train bombing are now free. Both the A-Infos site and the Russian Avtonom site(English section) have a much longer article on this case as of yesterday. The article goes into more detail about the case, including some rather smile producing news such as the fact that the Shamil Basayev group which claimed responsibility for the action "has a practice of claiming any natural disaster and accident in Russia". Also the fact that many people in Russia doubt that there was a bomb attack at all. It was possible that the train simply derailed because of poor track maintenance and that the story of a bomb was concocted to divert attention from Russia's poorly maintained infrastructure.
The articles go on to tell of the various solidarity actions that the Russian anarchists organized while their comrades were in prison. They also talk of the treatment of the two men while they were incarcerated. The A-Infos article has links posted for photos of some of the solidarity actions. The Russian anarchists are still in need of financial help to cover the legal costs that they had to pay to help the two innocent accused while they were in prison.

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