Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Anarkismo site has a new and interesting article on what is called in Europe "precarious labour". Over here it goes by other names; "temporary labour", "insecure jobs", etc.. All these and others are names for the same thing, the trend whereby international corporations are moving increasingly to "disposable workers" who can be hired and fired at will. This, of course, is all to the benefit of the corporations and, of course, is of no benefit to those ordinary people trapped into such a system. The writer says,
"With the increasing influence of business interests on the state, and with the near destruction of social security, workers' existence has become increasingly insecure as more and more workers find their job security similarly increasingly unpredictable. Precarity, alongside casualization and contingent labour is a term aptly used to describe the changes wrought by these and the form of working class existence that has developed because of them. Rather than the job-for-life and the job security associated with such, workers are being coldly molded into an acceptance of labour that rests on the whims and qualms of the bosses rather than an environment that is within the worker's power to effect and change....
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The author of this essay whose Gaelic last name probably is pronounced the same as mine is a member of the Irish Workers' Solidarity Movement. These Irish neo-platformists are some of the best organized people in anarchism today. Go to their site to see what Molly means, and also to download pdf copies of their publications such as Red and Black Revolution and Workers' Solidarity.

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