Friday, September 28, 2007

Since Wednesday, September 18th cleaning workers employed by Penauille-Derichebourg at the Roissy airport in France have been on a strike called by the CNT-F. This is a French anarchosyndicalist union unconnected with the AIT. The workers are protesting the appointment of a new forewoman long known for her high handed and authoritarian way of dealing with the workers. On September 26th the workers held a demonstration in the halls of the airport. so far the management has refused to negotiate and threatens the dismissal of the workers. The workers have replied that, "The strikers of the CNT do not intend to give in to this blackmail and will continue the strike to attain respect for the dignity of the workers".
To follow developments in this strike go to the website of the CNT-F (in French). The CNT also provides a regular online bulletin, also in French, for supporters. Details are available on the website.
The Penauille workers are asking for solidarity letters to be sent to the director of Penauille-Derichebourg in Roissy protesting the company's actions. Her email address is . They also ask that copies be sent to the international secretary of the CNT-f at

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