Monday, September 03, 2007

Once more Molly chugs down her blog roll looking for new and interesting things in the Blogs section of her links. Today we do the letters N to R. Not much new here. Only three items.
The Peter Marshall website announces that Harper Perennial will be publishing a new and updated version of Marshall's 'Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism' in November. The book will include a new epilogue that includes what Marshall calls, "so-called (!!!-Molly) 'post anarchism' and 'anarcho-primitivism'". One can only hope that Marshall is as fair here as he is elsewhere in his history ie that he is critical enough about these so-called attempts to "go beyond anarchism". Going beyond in the same sense as going into a black hole in Molly's opinion. No real information will ever escape from the event horizon of such closed incestuous cults. beyond the fact that it is anarchism's fate to always be plagued with nuts on its periphery.
Larry Gambone's Porkupine Blog has an announcement from the Hidden From History:The Canadian Holocaust people. 'To the Survivors of 'Indian Residential Schools'' is an invitation to a travelling tribunal that began its journey across Canada yesterday in Port Alberni, BC. This tribunal hopes to gather the stories of survivors of the residential school system and present them to the United Nations. It will take three months for the Tribunal to make its way across the country. You can see what it is all about from the link above. Their mailing address is 260 Kennedy St, Nanaimo, BC V9R 2H8, Canada. The phone number is 1-250-753-3345 and after tomorrow 1-888-265-1007. You can reach them by email at either or . To learn more see the website above.
Finally, the libertarian blog Rational Reasons has a reprint link to an article by Sean Gangol entitled 'The Problem with Conservatives'. This lays out the difference between libertarianism and conservatism quite plainly. It is best summed up in a quote from the article, "If you truly want to live in a free society, then you have to have tolerance for things you don't like.". the essence of the ideology peddled by conservative leaders is the exact opposite of such tolerance, which is why "the problem" is that conservatives really want to create a police state rather than a free society.

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