Monday, September 03, 2007

The latest issue of the best English language publication in the anarchosyndicalist tradition, Anarcho-Syndicalist Review, is now available. The Summer 2007 edition holds a wealth of information and analysis. What Molly found most interesting were two articles on the recent I07 conference in Paris. these were written by actual participants in the conference and provide much more information than has been available on the internet about this event. 'Syndicalists Plan Stronger International Cooperation' by Eric Chester and 'Time for a Real International Union Movement' by Adam Lincoln provide information on the plans for and proposals as to what is necessary for international linking of libertarian labour struggles. Both articles are written from the viewpoint of IWW members with emphasis on the IWW's current efforts to organize Starbucks workers. At their best these articles are truly useful descriptions of what has already been done to increase the solidarity of libertarian labour organizations across the world. they also hold a number of practical proposals to further this end.
This issue also contains many other good articles. From Venezuela comes the statement of some Venezuelan anarchists on Chavez' latest media takeover attempt, 'Venezuela: RCTV and the fictional democratization of communication'. From Cuba Libertaria, the organ of the Cuban anarchists in exile comes 'The Castroist revolution at work' about the latest attack on the Cuban working class by their communist ruling class. There's 'Whose Lucy Parsons?' about the life of American revolutionary syndicalist Lucy Parsons and how so many attempt to appropriate her legacy. There's an article 'Nicolas Sarkozy:A mandate for class war' by Iain McKay about the meaning of the recent elections in France. By the same author there's also 'Still lying about the anarchists' which deals with the ever eternal lies that Marxists tell about their anarchist opponents.
The issue also contains a number of book reviews and news items of interest. As usual ASR is worthy of note. Subscriptions are $15 for 4 issues ($17 for subs outside of the USA). checks should be payable to Anarcho-Syndicalist Review and sent to ASR, Box 42531, Philadelphia PA 19101, USA. The website of the magazine is at . Email may be sent to .

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