Friday, September 28, 2007

Two antifascist comrades from the Minsk area of Belarus are now serving three year sentences in Belorussian camps for their role in a fight with fascists in December of 2006. One of these, Maksim Gubski recently turned 18 in late July of this year. He has been active in the anti-fascist movement in Minsk for three years and was one of the organizers of Food Not Bombs in Minsk. He and his comrade Vladislav Vladimirovich Plashkevick were involved in a fight with fascists last December. The fascists lost, but one of them recognized the pair and went to the police. Their comrades in Belarus are asking for letters of support to be sent to Maksim and Vladimir while they are in prison. The addresses are below. If possible write the addresses in Cyrillic script as they are more likely to arrive then.
Maksim Gubski
Batowa str. 4 Bobruisk
213800 Belarus
Vladislav Vladimirovich Plyashkevich
1K-10 otryad 4
Novopoltsk-5 Vitebskaya oblast
211440 Belarus

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