Saturday, September 01, 2007

Every single day there is news from the ever growing anarchist movement on every continent. Here's a few recent examples:
ARGENTINA: Fifteen anarchists Arrested in a Solidarity Vigil: On august 29th a demonstration was held in Buenes Aires at the embassy of Uruguay in solidarity with Fernando Masseilot who has been detained for five months on the accusation of sedition, which is based on the accusation that he broke the window of a McDonald's during a demonstration against a visit to Montevideo by US President George Bush on March 9. The demonstration in Buenes Aires ended with the arrest of 15 anarchists companions from different groups. the media has spread confusion, speaking of "20 punk youths detained" and the cause of the demonstration being Uruguayan paper factories. those arrested are accused of assault and resisting arrest, as well as causing damages and injuries.
By 12 noon the next day eight companions were released. The other seven companions were expected to be released at around 12 midnight. There are photos posted on Argentine Indymedia as well as a text in Spanish about the arrests. See
SWITZERLAND: The CIRA of Lausanne is celebrating its 50th year of existence. The CIRAs(Centre International de Recherches sur la Anarchisme) in Europe are archive centres for anarchist publications, preserving a documentary history of the movement. The celebration will be held on September 15th and 16th at the CIRA Centre at 24 Avenue de Beaumont, 1012 Lausanne, Swirtzerland. There will be a book fair, lunch,conference on anarchist publishing, films and a concert. for more information go to
ISRAEL: The 'Anarchists Against the Wall' group continue their actions against the Israeli "security" wall in Bil'in,Sarra, Wadi Nis, and Wallage in cooperation with local Palestinian residents and other Israeli leftists. In Bil'in this was the 134th Friday demonstration against the wall. To read more about this ongoing struggle go to

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