Saturday, September 15, 2007

Molly's Blog has grown considerably in the year since it was first put up on the internet. I'm still struggling to add "tags" to the 800+ posts that I've written so far on this blog. I'm working from both ends, from the recent past and from the oldest posts back in 2006. Hopefully the two ends will soon join. I'm still working from the past forward to the point where I first learned to use graphics on this board. Needless to say Molly still has a lot to learn, and I hope to improve this blog bit by bit. What I will say that I have achieved is that Molly's Blog is presently one of the most comprehensive sources for links to the anarchist movement, whether it be in Canada or abroad. Look to our links section for the proof. This has been done while deliberately excluding certain sites that do anarchism no favours, whether they be primitivist, "post-anarchist", insurrectionist or just plain fucking crazy. Or those who think that anarchism includes all of the above. I hope that the reader can see that there is much more to anarchism today than such trash from the sheer volume of links listed here. Yes, some of the links listed here have a certain sympathy for such things, but they are a distinct small minority, and they are mostly written by young people who aren't the hardened and aged ideologues and parasites who promote such nonsense for their own benefit amongst anarchists. People will learn given enough experience, and there is certainly a wealth of truly ethical anarchists active in the world today to counter such nonsense. Molly is merely one little voice, a particularly biting one I may grant, amongst them. I am also sure that many of these so-called "ultras" would take issue with Molly's opening to a gradualist sort of anarchism, with all that implies in terms of compromises with social democrats and liberals, and also with her opening to the "libertarians" with all that implies in terms of an abandonment of a totalitarian view of social change and also fashionable leftism with the view that there should be one and only one economic model for a free society. Make no mistake about it. Molly is very much a socialist who believes that the best way to organize most of the economy is cooperative or municipalist. NEVER statist however. I still see a role for a market,however, even in the most extreme utopia. It's the way the world is. Just that it should be restrained.
Back to 'Molly's Links'. Look to the left and see the vast number that have been listed already. This is just a beginning. When Molly is finished her little project, should it ever be finished, this site will be the definitive listing for anarchist contacts in the English language. It almost is already. But there is still much to do. It will be the listing for those anarchists worthy of the name and not for those who disgrace it.

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