Friday, September 14, 2007

*Comments on the first day from my new Boss."Over the years I've trained three people who eventually became my Boss. I'll guarantee that's not going to happen to you."
*My Boss cancelled the weekly status meeting on a project long overdue. She said, "Every week it's the same thing. Let's wait until something happens before we meet again."
*I interviewed with a company and didn't hear back from them for over a month. I had written them off, and I was surprised to get a phone call from my Boss-to-be, asking if I was still interested in the position. When I said, yes", he said, "good, because our first and second choices got better offers."
*In their abscence management left my Boss in charge. They wanted to see the 'worst case scenario'.
*My Boss recently joined my car pool. I now know that I can lead my Boss to work, but I can't make him think.
*"Yes, I've read your proposal, but I can't support projects before management's review." Typical political manouevers by my Boss.
*"I really love that spreadsheet. I did 10 what-ifs and I liked them all." Comment after seeing his pie-in-sky sales forecasts.
*My Boss recently completed 'Excel for Dummies'. Now the rest of us are reading 'The Dummy Unleashed'.
*Management posted a flier on the employee bulletin board supporting a $0.00/hr minimum wage. They claimed that even an employee earning $0.00/hour benefits from the experience of work and the learning process. Frankly, I earn a salary and I don't see the benefit.
*As hard as it is to believe my Boss has a will of his own. His attorney wrote it.

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