Thursday, August 23, 2007

After previously denying any connection with three rock carrying protesters at the demonstration at Montebello, Quebec who other protesters claimed were police agents infiltrated into the demo to provoke violence the Quebec Provincial Police/La Surete du Quebec admitted that the three were indeed police officers this evening. Reports on what was said can be found at the website of the CBC and at the website of the Toronto Star. The news release for the Surete claimed that the officers were planted in the crowd to locate any violent protesters and that their cover was blown when they refused to throw their rocks.
COUGH,COUGH,COUGH,GAG !!!. That's the sound of Molly expelling a mammoth sized hairball. If this story is true then my asshole chews bubblegum. If your agents were out to locate violent protesters why were they planted in the 'Green Zone' where it was agreed that no violence would occur, a zone populated by families, union members and others whose politics make them highly resistant to the idea of using even non-violent civil disobedience, let alone violence ??? Seems that the violent protesters that you were supposedly "looking for" would be far away near the front lines of the demo. Hmmm ? Rather than "refusing to throw their rocks" it was said that the union members who confronted the trio and tried to unmask them were demanding that they put their rocks down. "Throw your rocks away" is NOT the same as "throw your rocks". Besides, if the police spokesmen originally denied that the trio were undercover agents and then retracted that lie when they were confronted with the magnitude of the proof, why should they be believed when they come up with the 'Plan B' story ? The whole cover-up story stinks.
Besides, the fact that the Surete claims responsibility for the men caught in the act is more than slightly convenient for the federal government. When questioned about this matter after making a crime prevention announcement in Winnipeg today Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said that he'd "made the inquiries and there was no RCMP that were involved as those three individuals go". Gotta love Stock's clear grasp of English grammar. Maybe the three were really dinosaurs that still walk the Earth with humans. But Stockwell at least knows which direction this river flows. He went on to metaphorically thumb his nose at the public by saying,"If people have concerns ...there is a complaints process for the RCMP. There is also one for the Surette du Quebec. This incident happened in Quebec, so I imagine people could also file under that complaints process". Those uppity Quebec nationalists can be convenient at times of buck passing under stress.
The Liberal Party has called for a police probe into the matter. It might be hard, however, to find a non-involved police force in Canada that has both the resources for such a thing and is independent of the events. The ever helpful Molly suggests the federal police force of Venezuela. You gotta admit that they had nothing to do with it and have nothing to hide. The NDP has called for a public inquiry on the matter. After their brief news release on the matter the QPP refused to comment further on the matter. The Quebec government also refused comment, as has the RCMP.
Some time ago there was an online petition asking for signatures demanding that Stockwell day change his first name to Doris. Stock paid no attention to the voice of the people then. Molly suggests another petition for Day to change his first name, this time from "Stockwell" to "Rockwell". In line with the mounting pebbles of evidence about how little the government respects the right to free speech one might suggest that you have to have rocks in the head to believe the official story...or perhaps be really stoned. "Rock of Ages, cleft for me; let me hide the facts in thee". And so on...
Stay tuned to the Ottawa Indymedia site for further updates on this story.

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