Monday, August 27, 2007


Tonight-well actually early tomoorow morning- the second lunar eclipse of 2007 will occur. Viewing conditions are 'ify' to say the least as a band of cloud and rain seems to be moving in from the west. Forecasts say "variable cloud" for tonight and clear tomorrow. If you want to follow the forecast go to the Environment Canada weather office at . Molly has had a lot of hits that are simply looking for the time of the eclipse. To help with this she repeats below the times in both Central Daylight Time and Greenwich Mean Time. You can convert to your local time zone by using the Time and Date website. I leave the penumbral part of the eclipse out of the following. If you want this go to the post on this blog dated August 21 and titled 'When Will It Occur?'.

Partial eclipse begins : 3:51 AM CDT///8:51 AM GMT
Total eclipse begins: 4:52 AM CDT///9:52 AM GMT
Mid-totality: 5:37 AM CDT///10:37 AM GMT
Total eclipse ends: 6:22 AM CDT///11:22 AM GMT
Partial eclipse ends 7:24 AM CDT///12:24 PM GMT
The Moon has already set here in the Central Time Zone before the entire eclipse is completed, but residents of this zone will be able to view both the beginning and end of totality. Further to the west the entire sequence of events will be visible. The further east you go the earlier the Moon will be setting and the less of the eclipse you will be able to see. As you can see from the above it will be daylight at GMT during the eclipse. If you don't want to use the Time and Date website there is a map in the post titled 'Will You Be Able to See It ?' on August 16th. As a service to all those who are checking in here looking for the time of the eclipse in the UK or Ireland....the eclipse will NOT be visible in western Europe. The next one next February will be visible there. For those people who have dropped by here from the Middle East...the eclipse will NOT be visible in the Middle East either. Please see the map on the August 16th post.
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