Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The leaves are turning colour. The nights are cooler now. The dogs return from the boarding kennel and the kids from summer camp. What time of year is it ? It's the time for anarchist bookfairs in western Canada. Sort of a harvest festival extended across half the country. As Molly has mentioned before it is becoming more of a tradition in cities across the world for anarchists to gather in celebration- constructive celebration- of their growing numbers and influence.
This fall's events will begin with the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair. This is happening on Saturday and Sunday, September 8th and 9th at the Victoria Cool Aid Society Downtown Community Activity Centre, #102-749 Pandora Ave., Victoria BC. Catering will be by Victoria Food Not Bombs. The events will include not just tabling but also a Festival of Anarchy with speakers, music and much more. Go to the link above for further details.
Coming up after this is the second annual Saskatoon Anarchist Bookfair on September 28th and 29th (Friday and Saturday). This will be held at the Cosmo Senior Citizen Centre off Broadway Ave. The event will open with a potluck and party on the 28th and run from 10am to 10pm the next day. The usual workshops on various topics will run alongside the bookfair. See the above site for more details.
Finally, in the run-up to Halloween, the Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair (see this blog on July 26th) will run on October 27th and 28th. This will be the sixth event of this nature in Edmonton, and will take place at the Alberta Avenue Community League, 9210 -118th Ave., Edmonton, AB. See the Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair blog for more details as well as the entry here for July 26th. Probably the biggest of the three and certainly the longest running. Being as it is so close to Halloween then Molly wonders if booksellers shouldn't dress in costume. 'Boookunin' anyone ? Kropotkinstein ? Emma Goldman as the tooth fairy ? The Mahknovist pirates of the Caribbean ?
Come on Molly, control yourself. Anyways, circle these dates if you can at all make it.

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