Friday, August 24, 2007



The Anarkismo Site today contains a report from a member of the new anarchocommunist group in Ontario previously mentioned on this blog. this person claims that the three police agents who were identified at Montebello. These people were originally confronted by an anarchist group 'Rouge/Noir' (sorry no Molly information available on what rouge/noir is) as they were trying to make their way to the more 'militant' part of the demonstration. Thus they found themselves (still carrying their 'rock disguises' of course) in an area of the demonstration where lurking union activists skilled in spotting police agents were present. check out the Anarkismo site for further information.

All that Molly can say is that, if it is true that the officers involved were from the QPP/Surete, that it shows a woeful level of incompetence. Now maybe it is "naturally" hard to disguise well fed and physically fit policemen as the running argument against vegetarianism that anarchist events often resemble. Still, one expects a bit better planning from at least the superiors in the QPP. Given my estimation of the ability of a provincial police force versus the RCMP I am inclined to believe the denials of those who say that the RCMP was not involved.

The real RCMP (or CSIS) agents are as deeply embedded amongst the radicals, anarchists included, as journalists are embedded in the invading armies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not everyone who advocates violent self-destructive tactics is a "police agent"-there is an endless supply of idiots or the naive-, but the majority of such agents play out their role advocating just that. Besides information gathering their function is to make such groups as ineffective as possible by advocating violent tactics. This sort of thing was old when the first vertebrates crawled onto land in the Devonian. Regular readers of Mollys Blog will know exactly how I stand vis-a-vis "tactics" and how much I think set piece riots are counterproductive. All that I can hope is that repeated instances of such things as these, where the other side "gets caught" in doing what some crazy anarchists want to do for free will lead to some sober second thoughts (Hey, can Molly be appointed to the 'Anarchist Senate' ?) . Or perhaps to "first thoughts", thinking at all before you do the police's work for them for free.

Anyways drop on over to the Big City Liberal Blog for further news on what I have reported above. Not that I agree with BCLB's politics, and he certainly doesn't agree with mine, but this is very interesting news.


Kate said...


I was looking through your blog and noticed that some of the photos you used looked somewhat familiar.

Anyhow, thought you may like to look through this set of pictures.


mollymew said...

I've tried to give references to the much more extensive photo collections available via the Ottawa Indymedia site. Is your collection posted there ? If not it should be. All power and kudos to the "new documenters". Without them we'd never have been able to back the Surete into a corner. Maybe the RCMP comes next. They back away and fall back on the trenches of other lies that also crumble. Sorta like Germany in 1918. Each fallback damages their credibily even further.
I'll look up your collection and post a link to it if it is not already included at the Ottawa site. As a 'by the way', I'm sure that the Quebec CMAQ site also has collections of photos. If I can get away from matters astronomical I'll give references to them as well.