Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A few little corrections and additions before I sign off for the night. First of all, I've looked up the conditions of the Order of Canada, and no postumous awards are allowed. Too bad as I still think that Nelson Starr was far more desreving than almost all of the other recipients. If I would do a "lawyer trick" on this one I would say that it is time to set a precedent as Conrad Black was at least "morally dead" at the time that he received his award, that the award of the 'Order of Canada' that was given at a time before the recipient evidenced treason by renouncing his citizenship should be considered retroactivelly open -to anyone who was alive at the time of the accidental award to a thief and traitor. As such it may still be open to a person deceased after that time. A new award for Mr. Starr may be out of the question, but one can say that there is an "open award" that he should have received during his lifetime, an award that was given to someone who was a disgrace to canada rather than a benefit.

Also, as a little addition, the Home Schooled blog that I mentioned previously has a great new article as of this day on the whole idea of "courage". Well worth checking out.

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Thanks for the kind words Molly!