Friday, August 24, 2007

The attempts on the part of both La Surete du Quebec (the QPP) and Public Security Minister Stockwell Day have descended further into comedy. As reported on the Big City Liberal Blog the QPP spokesman, Marcel Savard, said, "One of the extremists gave the rock to one of our police officers and he had a choice to make. He was asked by the extremists to throw the rock at police, but he never had any intention of using it." Are these the same "extremists" who confronted the trio of police agents demanding that they put down their rocks and unmask ? Jesus, how things can change in a heartbeat.
According to the Big City Liberal Blog Stockwell has coughed up this line as well. The protesters who confronted the police agents at the Green Zone and demanded that they disarm were, according to Stockwell, "three people in question were spotted by protesters because they were not engaged in violence". Nope- merely armed with a generous "rock gift", and merely asked to discard it by people who wanted no part of any violence. Speaking of "gifts" the Big City Liberal Blog comments on the open beer in the back pocket of one of the agents. Is this also a "gift" ? Perhaps part of the disguise ? Or maybe, as is increasingly becoming obvious, the trio caught in the act were not just goofy plants but also violating regulations about drinking on the job. Maybe a few beer are good for relieving job stress.
Molly wants to institute the 'Rock Award' for the clumsiest excuse ever devised for a government action. This is the first entry. Yep...they're playing "musical rocks" at these demos. Too silly for words.

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