Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Over the approximately a year that Molly's Blog has been in operation she has observed a certain trend. The majority of those who drop by this blog come here for the amateur astronomy posts. Of course Molly will continue with her posts on matters astronomical as she loves this aspect of reality. It is regular, predictable and beautiful, and Molly believes that people should be alerted to the beauty that is available to them every single day. So...she keeps on posting on this hobby of hers.
Yet, "theoretically" this is an "anarchist" blog. The majority of the links on the left refer to anarchist references. I am pleased that about 3% of those who check in here for the astronomical posts check out on one or the other of the "anarchist links". Molly would like to make the percentage much higher. This is actually a higher percentage than I expected, especially as some of my anarchist "comrades" do their best to make anarchism as unattractive as possible, as an excuse for childish fights with the cops or as a bizarre cult that wants to "abolish civilization". I hope that Molly's Blog will continue to be an introduction to a "rational anarchism" for those who check in here for other reasons. The very fact that you have decided to "look up at the sky" says two things. One is that you have an appreciation for the beauty of the real world that should make you immune to the lure of cults such as "false anarchism", let alone other more popular cults. The second is that you can both judge for yourself and WANT to judge for yourself. This is really the essence of anarchism. May you believe your own judgement of the sky in the same sense as you believe your own judgement of society. They are really the same, and may you be able to detect lies in the sky as well as you detect lies on Earth. NO... an eclipse or a constellation will NOT appear to be different no matter how much someone in power may tell you otherwise. Social reality is the same. Government is crooked. The corporations have no morality, they are usually the exact opposite of moral.
Molly's hobby and her politics actually have a connection. Look it up if you want.


Larry Gambone said...

I think you have got something there Molly. My first interests were paleontology and archaeology. In fact, my intention upon entering university was to have become an archeologist. However, the department at SFU was quite reactionary at the time and sociology was the exiting place to be. So I went for sociology and anthropology and along the way found anarchism. And I think that my rational and practical approach to anarchism is at least in part a result of my earlier interest in the two sciences of paleontology and archaeology.

Rolfe said...

Your blog and the links I've explored from it so far have changed my perception of anarchism.

I used to think it was a bunch of kids trying to be wild and avoid thinking (I used to do that). Or stuffy pseudo-intellectual ideology.

Now I see that while you get some of that, you also get plenty of thinking and caring people who respect others. I'm slowly getting closer to thinking of myself as an anarchist.

So anyway, you've sold me.

I think it's great that so many people come for the astronomy information. Maybe you could put a condensed version of this post in your profile to tell people what anarchism really is about and pique their curiosity a bit.