Saturday, August 18, 2007

Molly recently had occasion to visit the website of Chaz Bufe's See Sharp Press. It's been a long time since I've looked there, and I also forgot what a fine site it is. Since its foundation in 1984 See Sharp has published over 25 books and over 40 pamphlets, some of them true gems. From classics of history on little known libertarian movements such as 'Cuban Anarchism:The History of a Movement' and 'African Anarchism:The History of a Movement' to sorely needed correctives to the less savoury aspects of North American anarchism such as 'Listen Anarchist', 'You Can't Blow Up a Social Relationship' and 'Anarchism Versus Primitivism' it's all there.

The publishing areas of See Sharp are truly catholic in scope. They do not just books and pamphlets but also tee shirts and bumper stickers such as the George Bush one pictured above. The subjects include politics, music, AA and other self help groups, atheism, anti-pseudoscience and parrots. Yes, parrots. Every political publisher should have at least one quirky field that gives evidence that they are not total robots, and Bufe's interest in parrots serves this function very well.
The site also has an extensive collection of texts on line that you can read for free. Some of these are from the list of published books. If you want a printed copy you can order them by phone or online at the website. The cost of shipping, however, prevents See Sharp from accepting such orders from outside of the USA. You can, however, still order them by mail at the address given on the website.
This site is well worth a browse for the variety of its offerings and their quality. It presents a rational and attractive form of anarchism that many would do well to emulate. Molly was especially taken with one of the online texts "George Bush's Christmas Carol', a takeoff of the Dickens classic. Tricky Dick Nixon makes an appearance in the same role as the ghost of Marley played in the original. Other gems available there include the Food Not Bombs handbook, 'Anarchism:What It Is and What It Isn't', 'You Call This Freedom' and 'Design Your Own Utopia'.
Once more: See Sharp Press

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