Friday, August 31, 2007

On April 1 2007 Fremantle Trust cut low paid care workers pay be up to 30%. The workers were told, "accept these terms or be sacked". The members involved in the dispute provide residential and day care to the elderly and vulnerable residents in Barnet's old peoples' homes in north London. Fremantle Trust is a not-for-profit company that took over care home contracts five years ago. The cuts include lower wages, increased hours, no sick pay, shorter holidays and reduced payment for working unsocial hours. Even pensions to which contributions have been made during the workers' service are to be dramatically cut by more than one third. In response to these attacks our members voted to take strike action. Care workers need to be properly trained, decently paid and most importantly, valued members of society. This is an all too familiar story of privatisation, where companies pledge to keep delivering the same service but undercut the in-house provision by attacking the conditions of the workforce. UNISON is asking for the widest possible support for the Fremantle workers. it's not just about pay and conditions-it's about dignity and respect.
The Labour Start on line solidarity site has taken on the task of asking for solidarity for the Fremantle workers worldwide. To learn more about this campaign and to help out go to .

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