Thursday, August 16, 2007

The second eclipse of 2007 is coming up soon- in the early hours of August 28th. Are you going to be able to catch this event ? Refer to the somewhat blurry (sorry) map above. In the central, darker area there will be no visible eclipse. At least part of the eclipse, however, will be visible from the Americas and East Asia. As you travel west across the Atlantic the first dividing line (labelled P1, though this is hard to read in the above) indicates the beginning of the penumbral eclipse at the time of Moon set. The next one, U1, is the zone where the partial eclipse begins at Moonset; the one after, U2, indicates that the total eclipse will have begun just as the Moon is setting, The 4th zone, U3, is where the total eclipse will have ended just as the Moon is setting. As you can see this comprises most of eastern Canada, the USA, the Caribbean and South America. U4, the Central Time Zone in which Manitoba is located, will see the full visible eclipse to the end of the partial eclipse. P4 indicates the end of the penumbral eclipse. The penumbral phases of the eclipse are very faint and difficult to see. The light coloured areas in the above diagram indicate the parts of the world where the whole process will be visible- from the western coast of North America, across the Pacific to the eastern part of Australia.
In east Asia the process will be reversed as the eclipse begins at Moon rise. The second line on that side of the world indicates the zone where the Moon is rising as the partial eclipse begins. This means that most of east Asia will miss the full eclipse as the Moon will rise in most of that area in zones where the total eclipse is either just starting or even ending.
The times for the event here in the Central Time Zone are 3:51 for the beginning of the partial eclipse, 4:52 for the beginning of totality, 5:37 for mid-eclipse, 6:22 for the end of totality and 7:24 for the end of the partial eclipse.
More on the August 28th eclipse later. Maybe even a better map if I can find one.


wasif said...

HI there

could you please tell me whether we can watch total eclipse on 28 aug 2007 in UK? if yes what time show will go on nd wat time finish. tell me in GMT.

mollymew said...

Hi wasif
I guess that the map I reproduced wasn't very clear. I'm going to post a "time of the eclipse" post soon. The map shows that the eclipse will NOT be visible over most of Europe. The partial eclipse begins at 08:51 AM GMT, the total eclipse begins at at 09:52 AM GMT and ends at 11:22 AM. The Moon finally is fully visible at 12:24 PM GMT. So...unfortunately you will be unable to view this eclipse in the UK

StePhanIe said...

heya...I missed this one, I fell asleep at 4 and when I work up it was already 5 : 55 y ou kno when the next lunar eclipses is? btw i am new to this stuff LOL...thanks

~Stephanie =)

mollymew said...

Too bad you missed the best part of the eclipse. The next total eclipse of the Moon that will be visible from NA is on Feb 21, 2008. If you want to track down both the solar and lunar eclipses I recommend the NASA page at

Hey, we're ALL beginners here. As I said in one of my later posts, don't expect Molly to discover any new comets in the near future. Maybe when I am close to the time of my death (I have run the course at Olympia in Greece, and if I had have had a heart attack there I couldn't think of a better way to die) I will discover a new comet. You probably have more time than I do. Try to keep up in the hobby. It's immense fun.