Sunday, August 19, 2007


Once more Molly goes down the list of the blogs on her blogroll, picking out the choice bits. Today it's those from I to M. The first item of interest is the Joey Only Outlaw Band blog. New songs, new news on the latest appearances of our favourite rebel troubadour. A new CD. It's all there.

Then there's an interesting piece on the Mother Anarchy blog on her encounter with something called 'E-Prime' . The Mother Anarchy blog is the notebook of an anarchist mother and her daily trials, tribulations and joys. E-Prime is something else altogether. It is a spin-off from general semantics and advances the proposition that language is both clearer and better without the use of the verb "to be". Molly is more than slightly sceptical. I could write this paragraph without using this verb, but I doubt that it would be any clearer. A heck of a lot more clumsy for sure. Better ? For those interested there's a Wikipedia article on E-Prime.

Then there's the ever popular blog of Mr Beer n'Hockey. Once more a totally personal weblog but always entertaining. The graphic at the left comes from this blog.

Moving into the more general political blog zone we once more find mega-blogger Eugene Plawiuk and his Le Revue Gauche. Yes, I know this doesn't follow in proper alphabetical order, but it's been sitting there at its present place in my Blog list so long that I hestitate to change its location. Anything I can cite from Le Revue Gauche will long since have fallen down on the list there, as Plawiuk can type faster than I can breathe. The output of this, one of Canada's premier blogs is truly prodigious, but three rather recent items impressed me. One is the amusing tale 'Sometimes a Crocodile is Just a Lizard' about a panic of mistaken identity out in BC. It says a lot about the reliability of "eye witness" accounts. Another is an expose called 'Transparency Alberta Style' on various cover-ups on the part of the Alberta Conservative government. Seems that no matter where they are conservatives have a lot to hide and do their best to hide that lot. The final item is 'Native America and the Evolution of Democracy' about the Native American contribution to the ideal of democracy. Le Revue Gauche always has the best comment on Canadian politics and so many other subjects.
Finally there are two announcements on Kevin Carson's Mutualist Blog. One concerns long term individualist anarchist Fred Woodworth who has apparently been hospitalized once more for more surgery. Molly will comment on this rumour which has been circulating in other places on the internet when she receives both confirmation and further details. Fred has published The Match, North America's longest running specifically anarchist publication, since 1969, and each issue is always a work of art. Try and send him a card or letter. Fred refuses to use the internet. His mailing address is:
Box 3012
Tucson, Arizona
85702, USA
Kevin also announces that another of his contacts has now placed the entire run of Benjamin Tucker's 'Liberty' magazine on the internet. Tucker was one of the most famous of the American individualist anarchists, and his writings are always a joy to read. Drop over to the Mutualist Blog for more details.

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks for the kind words as well as the sad news about a man I have admired for one fuck of a long time: Fred Woodworth.