Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Getting back to the post vacation "normality" on this blog I continued the never-ending feature of "The Best of the Blogs". Today's item is from the letter "H":
The Here and Elsewhere blog has a link to the author's 'On the DL:Power, Politics and Sport' which has now been reprinted in the 'Quarterly Review of Popular Culture'. Lottsa connections here.
The Home Schooled blog by Rolfe Schmidt has a lot of interesting comment on science. Rolfe has commented previously on this blog about science. Some of his musings include 'Teaching High School Science' and 'The Truth is There'. Much food for thought.
Finally, the left libertarian blog Human Iterations has a screed on language, including his way of decribing a free market as a "freed market" to differentiate left libertarianism from so-called anarchocapitalism with its "free market". Lots more there about how to describe certain things with certain terms. Good lesson on rhetoric in the classic sense.

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Buddhagem said...


Great blogs. I also wanted to thank you for explaining who "Molly" was. I think the difficult thing about third person is, as the reader, you're constantly wondering, "who is this person?" Who is Molly? Why do I care what Molly thinks? Thanks for the response. I'm glad I found your blog.