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Linchpin is the (online and sometimes printed) journal of the Ontario platformist organization Common Cause. There's a new online issue out for March 2010. Here's the details.
@@@@@@@@@@@@ - March 2010
In this month's edition of Chris Shannon places the federal and provincial budgets, both of which are expected to have deep cuts to social programs, in the context of the resistance to the devastating cuts of the 1990s and asks today's working class activists “Are we ready for the cuts?”

Linchpin's State Repression Columnist Jeff Shantz writes from Vancouver reflecting on the historical role of policing protests.

Frank Liberto takes a hard look at gentrification and urban sprawl in the Rust Belt city of Hamilton and questions it's effects on local ecology and the class composition of the urban working class.

Rounding out this issue is an article on recent developments regarding Barriere Lake after a Supreme Court decision in February that paves the way for the Federal government to impose the hated section 74 of the Indian Act and impose new elections on the community against their traditional leadership selection process.

Also, be sure to attend the upcoming speaking tour by South African writer and activist Michael Schmidt, co-author of Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism.

Michael Schmidt will be in several Ontario cities between March 15 and March 21 to promote and discuss this important new book on the global history of anarchist movements and ideas. The tour, organized by Common Cause with support from AK Press and several local sponsors, is scheduled to pass through Waterloo, London, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

For detailed information on each tour stop, please visit

To promote the tour Common Cause has also produced a short video which can be seen here.

To get in touch with the tour organizers please contact us at

For more information about Black Flame please see the AK Press website.
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