Saturday, March 13, 2010

The following story and petition comes from the Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) blog. As you will see below the idea that signers have to "sign their name in Thai: may be more than slightly off-puting, but I personally am going to try to do it via Google translate. Wait for the results at the end of this post.
FACT – Freedom Against Censorship Thailand
Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) was founded on November 15, 2006 on the basis of a petition against Internet censorship which was presented to Thailand’s National Human Rights Commission and later to the Official Information Commission under a military coup government. The NHRC was disbanded by the coup and government officials refused illegally to cooperate with the OIC.

FACT has never deviated from its opposition to all censorship in Thailand and everywhere else. FACT’s original petition is now largely of historical interest.

FACT’s working group has now prepared a Mission Statement, our statement of principles and purpose to replace our original petition.

FACT now has more than 1,500 signers. If you have signed FACT’s petition, there is no need for you to sign again. However, if you have not signed, we urge you to sign FACT’s petition, and ask your friends, family and colleagues to sign. FACT’s petition is open to all.

For your signature to be counted, you must sign your FULL NAME in Thai and English, your affiliation, your location and your email address for verification.

FACT’s petition is hosted on FACTsite, with the Asian Human Rights Commission and at

Please join us if you believe in FREEDOM. You have nothing to lose but your fear…and your chains.
Say NO to censorship!
These rights are universal: freedom of speech; freedom of expression; freedom of communication, including the Internet; freedom of association, including virtual association; media freedom, including the blogosphere; academic freedom, including digital learning; freedom of opinion; freedom of thought; freedom of ideas. A free Internet is our fundamental human right. Free expression is not a crime.

FACT supports all media, including the Internet, free of interference or regulation as the best means of participatory democracy possible. Every person deserves an equal voice and has a right to privacy and anonymity. These are our basic liberties.

FACT believes in transparent, accountable and democratic government. All people deserve freedom from fear.

We have the fundamental human right to unrestricted knowledge, knowledge without borders, boundaries, limits. A fully-informed public with access to all opinions is an asset to both our national and the international community. Education, knowledge and information are never a threat to national security.

Censorship in Thailand conceals a hidden political agenda used to repress dissent. Censorship reinforces social, class, gender, religious and economic divisions which, suppressed, are root causes of violence in Thai society.

Abduction, kidnap, torture, forced confessions, disappearance, extrajudicial murder, the death penalty, are the ultimate censorship. We support reconciliation in the human community.

FACT celebrates human diversity: all views share equal validity, if only for one person. Open minds, open hearts.

FACT believes most human beings choose good over evil. We believe applying community and family standards to Thai society will result in personal responsibility, the full development of our children and a truly free society.

Censorship is a clear violation of our fundamental human rights, civil liberties and basic freedoms.
Stop censorship NOW!
Well, I think I signed the petition or at least signed my support for FACT by going to the link above...all this without trying to sign my name in Thai. I don't think I can direct the reader any further, as I am quite confused by this, other than by directing you to one of the links above.

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