Monday, March 15, 2010

Anyone who takes a glance at our Links section which we hope to make a comprehensive list of anarchist and libertarian socialist contacts on the internet will see how extensive it is. The Links are always in state of upgrade, pretty well from day to day, but because of their extent there are often dead links that we miss deleting. Some of them are on the various "to-do" lists, but a large number are ones we are unaware of. Checking all the links would probably take the better part of two days.
So...we're asking for our readers' help. We've opened up an item over at Molly's Suggestion Box (see sidebar) where you can list any dead links as a comment to the post. Or you can do it here of course.
Another thing where help would be appreciated would be in the deletion of commercial spam from the comments. I try to keep current with this, but I have little doubt that many items in the Archives have loads of such items attached as comments. If you come across such things try to post us either here or at the suggestion box. Give date and title of the blog post, and we'll try and make it a priority to get around to deleting the spam.
Any help you can give us on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

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