Friday, March 19, 2010

The game of international chicken continues between the government of Greece, the EU, international markets and the working class of Greece. More strikes, general or otherwise, as well as more militant actions are undoubtedly on the menu in weeks to come. Meanwhile each of the statist and corporate players continues to play their hand in full knowledge that they simply can't get everything that they might want. They do, however intend to hold out for all that they can get. Here is the statement of the anarcho-syndicalist Greek ESE union on the present crisis. The following English translation appeared at the Anarkismo website.

Everyone To The Streets!
We neither fear you nor will we pay for your crisis
Your financial system has failed
Capitalism and governments are the real crisis
Society in the hands of the workers!
Two worlds collide:
On the one hand, society, the world of labour, the unemployed, who are suffering the effects of the harshest attack in recent years (wage cuts, job losses and terrorism from the bosses), all of us who have to take loans to survive from month to month, all of us have been forced to survive in the galleys of modern cities by a rotten, corrupt and unjust system and quits to work to cope on profits of companies and enterprises.
On the other hand, the “socialist” government, PASOK politicians, New Democracy, the LAOS fascists, who along with the European Union and its bankers, businessmen, and everyone around them, who talk about crisis and aim to return to the Middle Ages.
They are the ones
*who ravaged our pension funds,
*who sunk to the scandals, interweaving (in the public and private sectors), all of them who were telling us tales about currency unification, loans, stock, banks, Olympic Games and Eurovision, subsidies, a strong Greece.
*whose descendants will not have to spend the next one hundred thousand years working and they are now talking to us about crisis and bankruptcy, asking us to tighten our belts because "the motherland is in danger"
*who forced us to work for the Tax Authorities, IKA, TEVE, etc., and the bankrupt, corrupt State, talking about social harmony and consensus. The frayed collars of the interweaving, the media, the fascists, the bosses, the so-called union of GSEE and ADEDY, politicians and businessmen... the crisis is all of them. They want us frightened into subservience, in a truly difficult situation where the financial and psychological burden of the attack that everyone is suffering is unbearable. We are not afraid of anything, except that all of them will continue to manage and affect our lives.
We must not become the victims of the crisis!
Kick them out!
Self-management in the workplace - indefinite general strikes!
Daily struggle for freedom and dignity

Thessaloniki, Greece
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