Monday, March 08, 2010

Molly has already expressed her grumbles about the general tone of 'Israeli Apartheid Week' while, at the same time expressing her opinion in favour of freedom of speech and against those who want to censor this event. If I would want to add a further "grumble" I would grumble about people sending me material on the evening before an event rather than in good time before. I guess there are reasons for this, but it is disconcerting. In any case here's notice of a press conference to be held tomorrow by the organizers of 'Israeli Apartheid Week' to answer charges of anti-Semitism.
Israeli Apartheid Week organizers announce press conference to respond to false allegations of anti-Semitism:
The organizers of Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) on the University of Manitoba campus would like to invite members of the media to our press conference on Tuesday, March 9th @ 11:00 AM in room 217 University Centre (the Graduate Students Association lounge). Organizers will be responding to the false and politically-motivated accusations of anti-Semitism made by opponents of IAW, and available to answer questions from the media.
Mordecai Briemberg to speak at Israeli Apartheid Week
The organizers of Israeli Apartheid Week are pleased to announce that Mordecai Briemberg, Canadian activist for Palestinian rights, will be part of our keynote panel ("Israel as an Apartheid State") on Tuesday, March 9th, as well as present on the topic of "Is Israel, as an Apartheid State, a Legitimate Subject of Discussion on University Campuses?" on Wednesday, March 10th. Briemberg will also be speaking at the press conference on Tuesday, as well as an event titled “Is there a New Anti-Seminism?” organized by Independent Jewish Voices at the Millennium Library on Tuesday, March 9th at 7:00.

Mordecai Briemberg is a long-time peace, anti-racist and social-justice activist. In 2007, Canwest Global sued Briemburg for distributing a parody of the Vancouver Sun that criticized Canwest's pro-Israel bias. Canwest Global eventually dropped from the lawsuit in 2008, Briemberg continues to speak out against racism and injustice.
About Israeli Apartheid Week
Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is an anti-racist event intended to educate about the realities of Israel's apartheid policies. IAW at the University of Manitoba is running from March 8th until March 12th. In addition to the broad subject of apartheid, this inaugural year includes panel discussions on the impact of apartheid on women, Canadian government complicity, indigenous solidarity, and the appropriateness of Israeli Apartheid as a topic for discussion on University campuses. It also includes an evening event featuring a spoken word performance by Lyrical Militant, a socially-conscious, local hip-hop artist.
Full details of the events can be found online at

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