Saturday, March 13, 2010

The recent earthquake in Chile disrupted many things in that country, and the Chilean anarchist movement is no exception. Over the past few years the Chilean anarchists have been growing in numbers and sophistication, and now they need help to recover from teh recent disaster and grow even further. the following appeal is from the Anarkismo web site.
Dear comrades,
The situation in this region called Chile is already known, thus we believe more details about the recent earthquake are not necessary, as the Internet offers a lot of information about what took place.

The group of individuals that make up the Productora de Comunicación Social* escaped physical damage, even though during the earthquake a couple of comrades from our organization were in Concepción, one of the most devastated regions - leaving the site where they were pretty much uninhabitable and losing some equipment used for the work of the organization.
In Santiago, our main workplace and where meetings were held, also home to a couple of our comrades - the Casa Volnitza - was partially destroyed. Currently, we are looking into repairing the site, since neither the Productora nor the Sociedad de Resistencia Santiago**, with whom we share the space, have another place to go to. Fortunately, we had no other substantial material losses, but the structural collapse that occurred in the Casa Volnitza was indeed major.
We have had constant contact with some organizations in southern Chile. The comrades that were near the epicenter were able to communicate directly with us about the help they need. There are social center and sister organizations in poblaciones, or working class neighborhoods, that were heavily damaged by the earthquake and also by actions taken by the police, the army, mass media and the government.
Given the circumstances, we are asking for help from our comrades from different parts of the world. Here in Santiago, businesses are up and running, so one can even buy food and basic items that are not reaching us via the government. We have already sent some help to the southern region with what we have here in Santiago, even though we too have been affected.
In our space, the Sociedad de Resistancia Santiago is helping to collect items to send to the most affected area where there are still no basic services, or wherever organizations are requesting help.
As the Productora we would like to request monetary support from all organizations that know our work and trust us. These contributions will be used to recover lost material and equipment, possible restorations or an alternative space and to send aid to the Southern organizations. Obviously no institutional channels work to help the direct work of anti-authoritarian organizations, so we reach out to you.
All persons or organizations interested in providing some sort of collaboration, contact us as quickly as possible at our e-mail:
See you soon.
Reconstructing the social movement,
Health, bread and freedom!
Productora de Comunicación Social.
Videorevista – Sin(a)psis***"
comunicando acción en la construcción del movimiento social"
Valparaíso - Santiago - Valdivia - Temuco - Antofagasta - Concepción – and beyond
Translator Note:
*The Productora de Comunicación Social, or Social Communication Production, are the production collectives that publish the Chilean video-magazine Sin(a)psis***, an independent publication in DVD format covering the praxis of anarchist organizing in that region and beyond. More info at:!/pages/Chile/SINAPSIS-la-video-revista/161436684301
**The Sociedad de Resistencia Santiago groups the working, the unemployed and students into anti-authoritarian initiatives to generate collective solutions for immediate needs, be they economic, social and/or cultural without leaving behind the purpose of collective liberation. More info at:
You can also donate to other autonomous, anarchist and radical community based organizations by emailing or clicking on the links below.
Fondo Alquimia
for the Comunidad Lésbica La Teta Insurgente (lesbian anarcho-feminists in Concepción)
Solo el Pueblo Ayuda al Pueblo- Campana de Solidaridad Popular
Only the People can help the People- Popular Solidarity Campaign
(a coalition of various organizations and individuals, including anti-authoritarians)
For news and updates in Spanish check out:


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What dirty blood-sucking piece of shit would use a story like this to pimp his discount drugs. I hope you fucking die in pain and very slowly.

Larry Gambone said...

Meanwhile I am going to put this story up on my blog too. They need all the help they can get.

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