Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anarchism is worldwide, perhaps even more so now than in its 'golden age'. It is also internationalist to the core and defends the right of free movement across the world. Here's a report from the A-Infos website about a demonstration in Bulgaria against detention of immigrants in that country. I've done my best to edit it into proper English.
Bulgaria, Repost from Protest in front of the detention center
Here is a small report from yesterday.... Sofia, Bulgaria - On March 20, 2010 at the "Home for the temporary accommodation of foreigners" in the quarter of Busmanci from 11 am to 13 pm we held a peaceful protest rally against arbitrariness and repression against immigrants and in defense of their human rights.
We gathered about 40 people to protest against this antihuman place demanding the immediate release of the people in general and also against the state policy against people detained there. The protest was organized by the Civil Initiative Committee and the Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria.
Anarohsaprotiva was attended by activists, lawyers, friends of the detainees at the center, bloggers, and citizens. Despite good weather and previously sent press releases - the place had a TV and 2 journalists. No cameraman nor any other journalists.
However, police were in place, ie before the high walls of prison long before the protesters. A video-duty cop was also at his post. The people in the prison had been informed of the protest and thus people stood at the bars. Dozens of hands with Victory sign passed through the narrow bars. Many of the people inside were tied hand and mouth with rags, probably torn sheets. Many showed photos through the bars of their children. There were handmade banner with the inscription Busmantzi -Freedom;. Throughout there was chanting - "Guantanamo, Freedom, Human Rights We Want Freedom" ... attempts at chanting in Bulgarian.
The protesters distributed a leaflet on the problem and the newspaper "Free Thought". the leaflet was read during the megaphone, was a short talk by a former prisoner at center. Chants were in Bulgarian and English, slogans such as "There's no Illegal people," "Papers for All or No Papers at All!", The freedom of movement is everybody's right, we are here and we will fight", "Busmanci - Guantanamo", "No borders, no nations stop the deportation" and others.
There was a short parade down the street to the jail. Police did not intervene, and after half an hour the protesters withdrew, arguing before the final closed that "we will be back, this is only the beginning". People waved for a long time through the bars and shouted "Thank you" while the group went away.
This was the first protest in Bulgaria for the rights of immigrants and refugees ever....Pictures here
LGB, AS group Sofia.

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