Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm still stuck with my old Tyrannosaur computer. Hopefully (!!!!!!!) Dr. Dave will have good news for me tomorrow. Meanwhile the laptop continues to refuse to turn on. I think I blew the battery, but I will find out about that later. Note to self-find the fucking receipts. Good luck on collecting on the warrantee.
In any case I've taken the opportunity of this break to start going through the archives and deleting commercial spam.

I began at the beginning in August 2006 and was chugging happily along until I came to the first item in the archives in November 2006. The clunking sound was my eyeballs falling out of my head and rolling down the floor. To my astonishment the first item in that archive contained no less than 86 items of commercial spam. Delete, delete, delete, delete and, for a change, delete ! Some of the stuff might actually have been of interest to someone: an ad for a certain French cheese, hair restoring methods, the usual porn and blah blah about pirate movie copies and, best of all, an ad for the "atomic yoyo". The mind boggles at what the later is, but I'd definitely want one if it was free.
I also noticed how Blogger had managed to eat (ie delete) about half of the posts in November 2006, just as they did in February of this year. These posts don't show up in the archives but they do show up when I go to the "edit posts" item in Blogger. My best guess is that I am over my space quota. This is a rather large blog after all. I may, however, be totally off track on this, and Blogger may delete things randomly. I guess I'll find out in the fullness of time.
Til then, and when I return to normal blogging and get away from this personal nonsense ...remember that things are never as serious as they seem. In the long view everything is short. Even me. I actually like the idea.

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