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Today, March 21, is the day declared by the United Nations as 'International day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination'. This begins a week of events in solidarity with victims of racial discrimination. Human beings are one species, and it is a hangover of more primitive times that they are divided by race. the international anarchist movement has always worked against this prejudice, and, in my opinion, its elimination is both possible and necessary even under our present economic system- managerial society. It will actually be one of the great tasks of "the managers" before they pass from history, and the accomplishment of this task is necessary before (not after) a free society can come to birth. Great advances have already been made, but there is much more to do. Here's the statement of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) about this day.
Eliminating racial discrimination
March 21 is the international day for the elimination of racial discrimination. On the day in 1960, police opened fire and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration against apartheid “pass laws” in Sharpeville, South Africa.

Events and activities worldwide, which mark the day, aim to remind us of racial discrimination’s negative consequences. It also reminds us of our obligation to combat racism in all its forms.

Racism contradicts and undermines our union struggle for equality, inclusiveness and social justice. Intolerance, hatred and discrimination lead to the denial of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms, endangers peace and economic and social security.
Help fight racism
**Challenge your own racist assumptions and beliefs.
**Learn more about racially visible people and their communities.
**Stand with racially visible communities and speak out against hatred and racism.
**Challenge governments’ racist and discriminatory policies and laws.
**Organize a panel discussion on racism.
**Set up an information booth or a lunch-time video that promotes better cross cultural understanding.
**Act against racism, whether jokes, slurs, graffiti, or name calling.
**Organize a speaker on human rights at your next union meeting.
**Identify barriers to equality at work and find ways to remove them.
**Put equality issues on your bargaining agenda.
**Organize education on anti-racism in your local.
**Make sure your union newsletter or website carries ethnic culture success stories and send your stories to your local newspaper.
**Encourage public institutions and officials to show their support for human rights and anti-racism when an issue arises in your community.
**Work with other unions and local allies on a plan to end racism in your workplace, local institutions and community.
**Join or support organizations that are working to build inclusive communities.
**Get involved, have courage and take a stand against racism and hate!

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