Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The independent anarchist television producer, Christie Books, has announced the availability of a new film, 'Franco Leggio: An Anarchist of Ragusa'. This is a tribute and documentary about the Sicilian anarchist of the same name. The film can be seen at . Christie Books has a wide selection of anarchist and radical made or adapted for TV movies in its list, 213 at the latest count. Some recent uploads include 'Francisco Ferrer: A Life for Liberty', 'Life Roulette'(a modern Prince and the Pauper tale) and 'The Maquis in Catalonia' (about the anarchist resistance to the Franco dictatorship until the tyrant's death).
Molly has noted that she accidentally left out the contact item for the Christie Books TV Channel from her Links list. It now follows the old Christie Books link under the 'Anarchist Publishers and Distributor's' section.
Pop on over for your viewing pleasure.

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