Sunday, April 08, 2007

The IWW affiliated Starbucks Union has succeeded in bringing the United States National Labour Relations Board to issue a trial for complaints against Starbucks.The complaint is being presented by the government as plaintiff against Starbucks over the termination of IWW organizers Daniel Gross and Joe Agins. The trail date is currently set for June 12th, 2007 at the Labor Relations Board in Manhattan. The complaint names over four Starbucks Cafes and names more than 10 company officials.
Starbucks workers presently makes a starting wage of $6 to $8 per hour and are not guaranteed secure working hours. Workers are also covered by company health insurance at a level even lower than Wal-Mart. Many employees live at or below the poverty line. At present the Starbucks Workers Union has a public organizing presence in 9 Starbucks spanning four states and are also organizing "incognito" in several other states. Go to the link above for further news on this continuing struggle.
Also visit the main IWW site for up to date union news, both IWW and other. The latest issue(April 2007) of the Industrial Worker, the IWW paper, has arrived at Molly's door, and she'll report on this publication soon.This is apparently the first issue under the new editorship, and it contains a number of features, both new and old. More on this later....

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