Friday, April 06, 2007

A number of anarchist publications and events have come "on line: in the last few days. The publications first:
A: There is an Anarcho-Communist critique of "Insurrectionism" available as a pdf pamphlet download from the Workers' Solidarity site at . The original site at gives instruction for downloading this pamphlet outside of North America. All that Molly can hope for is that anarchism grows to the point that the NEXT pamphlet is entitled "Anarchism and Silly Violent Cultism: How We Differ", and that not just anarchists would see the use of such a publication but that it would be "obvious" to a growing movement.
Also the British section of the IAF, the Anarchist Federation, has recently published a new edition of 'Resistance'. This publication can be seen at their website along with a number of interesting pamphlets, some of them available in a downloadable pdf format, like 'Resistance'. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to Resistance to support the efforts of our English comrades. The latest edition of resistance includes articles on the fight in Denmark over the Ungdomshutet squat, a comparative report from KFC workers in both Paris and New Zealand, reports on "unofficial industrial action" and much, much more. Go to the AF site for further details or to download their publication.
Now to the events. The Chicago Anarchist Theory Conference has issued a "final call" for their conference on April 27th to April 29th at Loyola University. They intend to present a wide range of anarchist opinion, including some things that Molly thinks don't deserve the title. For further information look to and . The schedule is posted on these sites. Finally, there is a call from anarchists in the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis-St Paul) for visitors and solidarity around the upcoming Republican National Convention in 2008.Their name has been borrowed from anarchists up here in Winnipeg ie the G8 Welcoming Committee. The comrades giver the usual set of rationalizations for their efforts which you can see on their call out, and even if they are "narrow" they still testify to a growth in anarchism beyond what it was two decades ago. One can only hope that the commitment to a "diversity of tactics" will eventually expand to accepting ordinary people who don't think fighting cops and losing every last time is how they would like to spend their leisure.


Larry Gambone said...

There has been some kind of screw-up. The A-Fed site comes out in Russian!
The correct URL is

mollymew said...

Actually pretty well every link fucked up in that last post. I'll try and correct them all, but I suspect a major fuck-up as the blog "suddenly" decided to put the limks at the bottom of the page. Hopefully I'll be able to correct this. If I can't and things get worse remember what I said about China in a previous entry.

mollymew said...

The problem with the AF link has been corrected. I forgot to add an "uk" to the link. The other problems will be corrected soon- I hope. My mother was born in Simferopal so it may be appropriate that the first link camne out in Russian.