Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yesterday, April 28th a North American coalition called 'Keep Our Pets Safe' held marches in a number of cities in the USA and Canada to demand changes to the food safety regime in both countries. To see the results go to the Pets Need a Voice Too website. This site is not just about news of the march but also contains other information such as recipes if you wish to cook for your pet yourself and other information on the ongoing recall.

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Anonymous said...

Molly, the following relates my recent experience cooking for my two cats. I hope it is helpful to your readers.

So, yes, I've been cooking for my two cats for two weeks now using this recipe minus the glandular supplement and kelp & psyllium that are optional anyway.

The only requirement that may put some people off is a good meat grinder. I am using this item, bought for $179.00 at Home Outfitters.

Regarding the ingredients, Taurine and Salmon Oil were obtained at a store that sells natural & bodybuilding stuff. They were a bit expensive but provide enough for a lot of meals. Other vitamins I already had at home, bought at the drugstore. Everything else (grain-fed whole chicken, liver and hearts) I got from Farm Boy for less than $20.

Mason jars for freezer (2 boxes of 12 jars each) were bought at Zellers for about $20.

With those at hand, preparation is very easy. Just a note that because the grinder is not meant to grind bones, it is necessary before feeding the chicken carcass into the machine to smash the bones as much as possible using a large kitchen knife. If that is done, the machine grinds the bones very finely indeed without any difficulty.

Preparation time amounts to roughly 30 mins for one batch of 12 jars, that is enough food for 12 days. Thus one would need to prepare food only twice a month to feed two kitties. Of course, larger batches can be prepared at just one go.

Also in my case, I do not feed them the mix raw. I tried the first day of the switch but they do not seem to like it. Therefore, instead of just heating the mixture, I am steaming the food in a double boiler. It does not take long and the kitties like the steamed mixture very much. In a couple of weeks, once they have gotten quite used to this new food, I shall try to introduce the food raw (i.e. cooking the mixture less and less over a short period of time) and see what happens.

One of my two cats had started vomitting and was quite lethargic when I decided to switch. They've been eating the home-prepared food for 10 days now. They look very content and healthier than when they were eating kibbles.