Sunday, April 01, 2007

Molly has seen a few interesting items for her anarchist readers lately. The first is an invitation for an 'Anarchist International Conference' to be held this July in Mexico City. The provisional dates are july 8th to the 10th. This conference will be sponsored by the Social Library Recontruir of Mexico City, an anarchist "open space" that doubles as a reading room and a bookstore. The SLR proposes that the discussion at this conference be rather far ranging, but oriented towards the future, from the theoretical ideas of anarchism today to the sharing of organizational experiences. people interested in attending this conference can contact the organizers at either or (en espanol por favor). Accommodations can be provided by the organizers. To see more about this event go to the LaLibertaria blog at .
Also there is an appeal from the CIRA of Lausanne, Switzerland. For 50 years since its founding by Pietro Ferrua, an Italian conscientious objector in exile this CIRA has served the anarchist movement as a valuable archive for the world-wide movement. The house in Lausanne where the CIRA has set up was owned by the now deceased Marie-Christine Mikhailo who worked along with Ferrua to set up the archives. Since her death the CIRA has been faced with the necessity of raising 150,000 Swiss francs to purchase the property outright from her other beneficiaries. The comrades are asking for any donations that you can spare. These may be sent by bank transfers. To learn more go to the CIRA site or email them at
Finally, a little plug for Michael Albert's new book, 'Remembering Tomorrow: From SDS to Life After Capitalism'. This book ranged from Albert's early days as a frat boy through the important events that defined the growth and decline of the New Left and Albert's own intellectual odyssey towards parecon. Check it out at the book page at

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Larry Gambone said...

I am sure you remember when anarchist confedrences, book fairs and such were very rare events. Now they seem to be popping up in half a dozen or more countries at once and on an annual basis. I think it is a good sign.