Friday, April 06, 2007

-From the Northern Prairie Anarchist Yahoo Group:
Sandra Finley, the leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party is facing prosecution for her refusal to fill out the 2006 Census. At the time she made her non-compliance public as a protest against the out-sourcing of the data processing to a subsidiary of US weapons manufacturer Lockheed-Martin. On April 2nd, 2007 she was hand-delivered a letter from the Department of Justice Canada via Statistics Canada. The letter was dated March 19th and her file would be sent to the Crown Attorney's Office for Prosecution if she didn't fill out the form before March 31st (the letter was delivered on April 2nd !!). Ms Finley intends to continue to refuse to fill out her census form, and she has released a letter to her party members advising them of this fact. She intends to stand once more for Saskatchewan party leader at the upcoming convention on April 16th.
For an interesting take on the intrusion of the census and the whole matter of outsourcing its data analysis go to the Count Me Out site.

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