Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This morning (Wed., April 11th) the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported in an article that researchers at Cornell University's Veterinary Diagnostic Lab have discovered crystals other than melamine in the contaminated gluten and the urine of affected pets that they have analysed. According to an interview with veterinary nephrologist Richard Goldstein this lab has now ruled out aminopterin which they originally identified as the poison, but there are other coloured granules that have yet to be identified. Researchers have found high concentrations of melamine in the samples, up to 6.6% of the gluten in some cases, but don't believe that this is the source of the toxicity. At the present time over 10 laboratories are working to try and analyse the crystals that make the contaminated gluten different from normal gluten even to the naked eye.
Meanwhile Michael Rogers of the American FDA expresses his disappointment at the slow and incomplete response from the Chinese government and the company Xuzhou Anying responsible for shipping the gluten to the USA. They have still to determine what if any other products the company shipped to the USA and whether they sold any gluten domestically in China that might have made its way to export. The website of the Chinese company involved claims that they also export carrots, garlic, ginger, corn protein powder, other vegetable and animal feed.
There have been many previous large cases of food poisoning in China as the government has little coherent response to food safety issues. There have been cases where commercial rivals poisoned foods manufactured by their competitors. More on this later on Molly's Blog.
To read the original Pittsburgh Tribune Review article go to the Pet Connection site and follow the links.

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