Saturday, April 14, 2007

This is this weeks selection on Molly's "best of the blogs" feature. As I have already mentioned Shagya's Blog and Eugene Plawiuk's Le Revue Gauche blogs have been following the pet food recall scandal as I have, though with more attention to the corporate connections. These sites have also been following other matters. A particularly interesting comment is Plawiuk's piece on writer Kurt Vonnegut published in commemoration of his death last Thursday, April 12th. Vonnegut was one of the greatest anti-war writers and a cult figure to many. Also Plawiuk has something to say about 'The Pauline Origins of Social Conservatism' . Shagya also has something to say about conspiracy theory in 'They're Coming to Take Me away...Ha, Ha' and about surveillance cameras in the growing totalitarian state in Britain.
The Porkupine Blog weights In with 'Anarchist Advances in Uruguay and Brazil', a survey of the growth of anarchism in part of SA's southern cone. The Mutualist Blog of Kevin Carson has an article about the statism of copyright law in 'Scott Adams' Cognitive Dissonance', and 'After All' has a theoretical article defending anarcho-capitalism entitled 'The Anti-Authoritarian Anarcho-Capitalist'.not that Molly agrees with it. Then the Amor y Resistencia site has a notice that Oscar Santa Maria Caro has been released by the Mexican government. There's also an article called 'Queensland Sucks' by the New Zealand blogger at Anarchia. these people also publish the zine 'Anarchia Zine'. Finally from the Anarcho Cyclist in BC comes an amusing phone conversation with an outsourced company. Good reason to have a second language or 5.
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