Saturday, April 19, 2008

May Day, the real Labour Day, is coming soon. Down Ottawa way the Ottawa Panhandlers Union will be holding their own demo to protest the way that their city attempts to clear poor people off the streets. Here is their appeal.
MAYDAY is coming!
On May 1st, we take action to recognize the sacrifices made by those who have come before us in the fight for liberty and security against the forces of capitalism. For the last four years, the Ottawa Panhandlers' Union has celebrated the struggles of those who paid for their activism with their lives and/or liberty by taking action on Mayday in the streets of Ottawa to reclaim public space, and to protest the blatant abuses by police against the most vulnerable people in our community. Previous years have seen us blockading the police station, shutting down the Rideau Centre, and taking the fight directly to the offices of the BIAs who own the politicians at City Hall.

The action starts at noon at the Human Rights Monument beside City Hall, at the corner of Elgin and Lisgar, where the Homeless Action Strike will be holding a Larry O'Brien Impeachment Tea Party. Then stay at 1pm to join the Panhandlers' Union for a rally to take back the streets which belong to all of us from the combined forces of police, government, and business who have laid claim to every inch of public space in this city. Let's show them this city belongs to ALL of us, and not just the people who have the most money or can hire the most lawyers!
For more information, please contact the Ottawa Panhandlers' Union at 613-748-0460.

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