Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Seems the protesters are busy down Ottawa way with the Cansec arms fair. The following is from A-Infos. Please note that while Molly does not approve of turning in false fire alarms she disapproves of the business of making murder machines even more.
Ottawa, CANSEC Arms Fair Opening Night Shut Down

Tuxedoed corporate war profiteers and their government backers were forced to flee the Ottawa Congress Centre tonight as alarms sounded, fire trucks were called, and police searched in vain for the nefarious anarchists that shut down the opening night of CANSEC 2008, Canada's largest arms fair. ---- Even the multi-million dollar surveillance and security technology on display, the presence of uniformed police, and the assertion by security forces that they had been gathering extensive 'intelligence' on CANSEC resistance could prevent a group of Ottawa anarchists from infiltrating the event and simply pulling a fire alarm. ---- CANSEC 2008 is the nation's largest arms fair, and brings together war profiteers, government representatives, and private buyers to drool over the latest in military, surveillance, and security technology. CANSEC represents the reality of Canada's foreign and domestic polices - we are world leaders in death, mutilation, war and occupation.
This action was taken in response to PGA Bloc Ottawa's call for autonomous actions to disrupt the arms fair, and in support of the PGA Hallmarks. Plus, we really, really liked their CANSEC video:
We hope tonight's shut down will merely mark the start of two days of active resistance to CANSEC 2008.
For info on CANSEC 2008 resistance, visit


SonofTomJoad said...

As an anarchist against all forms of aggression, I want to point out that 1) pulling the fire alarm did not occur at the beginning of the CANSEC 2008 warmongers' bash but at the very end, 2) there are SO many ghetto apartment fires here, as there are in Paris and other cities with a lot of working class immigrants crammed into crappy apartments with no fire alarms, and people burn alive and 3) the video shows people kicking people, burning up a tank (with the operator inside?) and declaring without any apparent sense of irony: MAKE WAR ON CANSEC (so let's do what they do).

It seems as if angry mananarchists are speaking for anarchism here, but they don't speak for me and a few others. Their knee-jerk tactics just make it easier for the police state and the corporate media hacks to paint us as violent and nasty and alienate working people even further.

Anonymous said...

Obviously not all anarchists agree on tactics, war, etc, just like not everybody believes in turning the other cheek, passivity in the face of attack, etc. There is no irony in making war on CANSEC for anarchists who are against militarism and for class war.

SonofTomJoad said...

Pacifism does not mean being passive.
All anarchists are against militarism and for the class struggle, and I'm one of them, but I don't understand how some of us are saying they are against the violence of the state but are more than willing to commit their own violence (and not as self-defense). I'm against war because it kills people and nature, period, not because some particular armed force I don't like is waging it. If we say we abhor what war means, we are being hypocritical if we advocate or condone the violence of our allies and ourselves because it is somehow more "righteous."