Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ottawa's anarchist bookstore and Infoshop Exile Books is moving to bigger and better premises. But they don't have far to go. Read all about it below.

Some exciting news from the Infoshop: We’re moving!!! Ok, it’s only across the hall to a larger, brighter, and relatively (given the dominance of “markets”) affordable space.

The new space will be located in Suite 200 (formally A & H Records) of our current building, 256 Bank St. It has three large windows that can be seen from Bank St., and the floor space is more than double our current room.

In this new space we will be able to provide a larger and more serene lending/reading library, expanded books/zines/accessories selection, we will be adding a commercial music section, and we will also provide more free computers, free wire-less internet, and fairly traded Zapatista coffee. It will have a large, decorated, launching-pad for the revolution. Militants with heart-conditions, please be advised. Unfortunately, due to the fact we are remaining in the same building, we are still not fully accessible. We should note that we still believe this location is temporary (and the best from limited options) and will continue to plan for an accessible, permanent, move in the nearish future.
Nonetheless, WE WILL BE RE-OPENING MAYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In our efforts to prepare the new space for coffee, intellectual romance, and summer of fire and rage, we are launching a funding blitzkrieg. We aim to collect 2000 bucks by Mayday and we are hoping that YOU can help reach our goal. Please consider making a donation. Cash received will go directly into preparations for the new space.
==============================================================TO DONATE:
*drop by and give cash in person
*email paperpusher(at)
*call 613.237.9270
PLEASE SUPPORT THE INFOSHOP!!!!==============================================================
Please note we will be closed Wednesday April 30th, 2008. The following day, please drop by for our re-opening. Please stay tuned for more delicious details.
*Toward a life without drudgery — for a holiday without beginning or end*

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